Senior Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

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“What software do you utilize to organize your day?”

“I was asked, outside of the job description and qualifications listed on my resume, how could I help my team and what did I feel I had to offer that other candidates might have.”

“The doctor wants to start a database for his cases. Do you know how to create a database?”

“Why do you want to be an Admin?”

“How do you see yourself as a team player?”

“The hardest interviews are with the other admins. Questions can be random.
Q: How do you cook an egg?”

“It was more of a task test rather than a question. They asked me to identify in what order I would do things at an airport before boarding a plane, from getting my boarding pass to checking a bag…”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“How would I feel being in a room of muti-racial employes”

“It was more about how difficult one of the Client Managers was to work with and could I handle that?”

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