Senior Applications Engineer Interview Questions

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“What 3 mistakes of your career have you learned from, and how would you avoid committing them again?”

“To draw out an RS logic block in Ladder Logic form.”

“Imagine that you are in a room, where all the people who havebeen associated with you since highschool have gathered. There are some scrapbooks or posters in the room which need to be filled by these…”

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“Would you accept punching a clock?”

“Asynchronous syntax”

“How would you solve the 8 chess queens problem.”

“What one thing did you do wrong that you learned from.”

“The most unexpected and difficult question happened when I was discussing the WCF restful service that we had implemented at my previous job. They wanted to know how we were securing the…”

“Related to Application Egnine”

“Various engineers asked fundamentals of power supply design and op amps. Nothing too unexpected”

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