Senior Associate Technology Interview Questions

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“Understanding the ecom related question and drawing the design on board in stipulated time.”

“Some questions were very silly such as, what namespace does Thread object exists or what arguments does a ThreadStart class constructor take in. I am not a big fan of questions that will test how…”

“The hardest was to try to complete in the time given. Make sure you do the JS part. Talked to Naresh about AngularJS”

“1. Tell me about a time you came across a challenge and how you overcame it.
2. Tell me about a time you worked in a group and how you resolved conflict.”

“Then I got invited to onsite interview in Boston, Deloitte arranged for all the travel.
Had 5 rounds of interview with 2 partners, Sr Manager, Manager and then 1 question round with a Associate…”

“The questions were not difficult at all”

“In the white-boarding exercise (design question), I was asked to model an online retail application (either data model or class diagram). Once I completed it, the interviewer asked a series of…”

“1. Write a java method to reverse a string.
2. Explain LEFT, RIGHT JOINS in Database
3. Explain Spring MVC
4. How would you go about writing a Web Service”

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