Senior Benefits Analyst Interview Questions

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“There really weren't any. Although, when I interviewed with the VP, he asked if I felt that I could handle the job?”

“What is NOT on your resume that you would like me to know about you?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years. This is the most idiotic question a company can ask. ANSWER - "Hopefully working" due to the declining economy.”

“What is your biggest weakness”

“They were very through asking behavioral based questions to determine if I had the skillset I was applying for. I appreciate this line of questioning and was prepared.”

“It was not so much difficult but rather the lack of time given to complete the written portion of their test. They ask you to peer review a presentation for a client that is riddled with errors…”

“The most difficult question I received was if I planned on attending Grad School. It seemed a little like a trick question... 1. Did I value continuing education or 2. Did I plan on leaving them in…”

“Tell me how you achieved your sales quota.”

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