Senior Business analyst Interview Questions

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“Have I ever had to fire someone”

“A typical behavioral interview will be done in two parts, each part will have three questions (six questions total). This part of the interview is focused on the candidate telling how they did...”

“The interview with the hiring manager was tough. Every example was broken down to the nitty gritty. The manager apologized beforehand and said that he would interrupt me, not to be rude, but to delve...”

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“Think of a difficult question and plan your response ahead of time. For example, have your ever implemented a project and found defects?”

“Do you have experience dealing with uncertainty in data?”

“Explain a business analysis situation that you faced in your previous job that was most challenging and how did you tackle it and what did you learn and what was your strength to solve it?”

“How has your previous experience prepared you for a role like this?”

“The questions were based on my experience in the job which I was applying. I also was asked questions by other panel members regarding the degree of interaction I had with those departments, etc.”

“Typical behavioral questions - "Tell me a time when you..."”

“This job does not pay as much as a contracting gig. Why would you take something that pays lower?”

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