Senior Claims Examiner Interview Questions

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“Technical questions dealing with various claims scenarios. Not unexpected, but requiring depth of knowledge and great detail.”

“what are your available hours and do you have high speed internet”

“One case scenario in what I would do involving a 72 year old claimant who was struck by a vehicle. The funny part is that I have seen this exact question asked at a different company at an interview...”

“They asked me about how I handled my toughest workplace dilemma.”

“Tell me about your normal work day”

“None. All the questions are standard, e.g. "Describe a time you had a difficult experience with a co-worker," or, "How did you handle a tough situation with a claimant?"”

“Can you give an example of a difficult case you handled. What would you do if you had several urgent assignments and the client emailed you needing an issue resolved. Why are you looking to change...”

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