Senior Credit Analyst Interview Questions

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“No tough Questions! Explain a tough decision you took.”

“It could have been "What do you know about our company", but I did my homework so I aced that question.”

“What have you done in the past that would make you feel that you are prepared for this position? How do you feel like this job is a good fit for you?”

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“Tell me about a time when you delighted?”

“If your best friend had to describe three qualities about you what would they say? What would they say is the worst quality about you?”

“There were no unexpected or difficult questions.”

“In your previous possition, what was the most difucult task? how did you manage to solve it?”

“I can't recall any especially tough questions because this interview was two months ago.”

“Why do certain industries have lower profit margins than other industries? (this came from the GM).”

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