Senior DevOps Engineer Interview Questions

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“How do you stay organized? Describe tools and techniques.”

“there is not difficult question if you are a experienced systems engineer”

“Describe the OSI Model? Name three layers of the OSI Model.”

“Database writes are slow due to disk IO. What do you do?”

“What's your common path for debugging an issue on a production system?”

“I was interviewing for a DevOps role. When I got there, they interviewed me for a Senior DevOps Engineer role with more focus on the development side than ops. That was a bit confusing as I am...”

“Nothing out of the ordinary. Typical network routing questions and a lot of questions asked about prior work I had done. Trick questions from the last guy ( tech lead ) that on most days where I work...”

“- Coding exercise in Python - Lots of Unix system call questions - Implement a sorting algorithm on the whiteboard”

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