Senior Editor Interview Questions

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“We have two projects with the same deadline and everyone is working overtime. One client is easy going and encourages us, the other constantly calls to find out how the project is going and when it…”

“The toughest question was whether or not I would be a force for good in the organization if I were hired full-time. Of course I said yes. And other colleagues agreed.”

“Actual interview questions were quite lacking. The hardest part was the pre-interview test.”

“Critique the current front of the book. What works and what doesn't?”

“How would you determine which proposal to accept without much knowledge of the field?”

“Nothing was too difficult. I did my research about the again and the company.”

“A challenging aspect of the interview process was the on-screen editing skills assessment. It entailed reviewing a document in Microsoft Word written by an expert in their field, but whose first…”

“Asked to describe how I handle a difficult requests from middle managers, including how I would order the work when several ranking managers also made requests.”

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