Senior Embedded Software Engineer Interview Questions

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“What you see yourself in 5 years, do you want to move up to the manager position.”

“How would you go about designing a music identification system?”

“How will you let go a sub ordinate if you do not like the person even though he/she is a good engineer?”

“C: given a data stream, write a program that lists the 3 most frequent one pass.”

“questions in C++, software development process and control system”

“Pre-screen: write a program to remove all C/C++ - style comments from a program, written in C.”

“Analyze and find a bug in the code”

“There's not a particular question that's most difficult. I'd recommend being pretty up on RTOS and recent embedded microcontrollers. In my case I feel I am rather up on C, C++, board design and…”

“Typical data structure questions. They asked me to prepare technical presentation on topic oif my choice”

“What was the greatest technical challenge that you face in you career and how did you resolve it?”

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