Senior Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given a series of words written using a scrambled alphabet, figure out what order the letters of the alphabet are in.”

“Intersection of two numerical arrays”

“Write a program to count the number of words in a file.”

“Given a set of people, one of them is a celebrity. You have a 2D array which describes which people know each other, that is [N, M] is true if N knows M. The celebrity will not know anyone (except…”

“Considering a 2-dimension matrix that can only be traversed by 1 adjacent position at a time and never diagonally. Create an algorithm to traverse that matrix from its upper-left corner to its…”

“Find the largest sum of contiguous numbers in an array”

“If you want to distribute a large file (gigabytes) in a large (100+ machines) park how do you do it?”

“Look for a string in a very long string - a needle in a haystack. Write the program in pseudo-code.”

“Consider an X x Y array of 1's and 0s. The X axis represents "influences" meaning that X influences Y. So, for example, if $array[3,7] is 1 that means that 3 influences 7.

An "influencer" is…”

“Convert a string to an integer”

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