Senior Engineering Technician Interview Questions

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“How can you increase the characteristic impedance of a microstrip line?”

“Who do you choose qualcomm?”

“If you were a supervisor (TR), how would you disseminate or motivate your team to perform or complete an impossible task or objective assigned to you by upper management?”

“What are your weaknesses?”

“Are you familiar with Regulatory Data?”

“How do feel about working onshore since you have worked offshore for so long?”

“What farm animal would you choose to live as if you could?”

“Pretty standard. They introduce themselves and make you feel comfortable. They tell you about the job and what is expected of you to perform in this role. They ask you if this is something you feel...”

“Nothing really difficult questions mostly they ask about my experience specially on solidworks design and if I have some experience on machine shop. One interview set me up with a technical problem...”

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