Senior Executive Assistant Interview Questions

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“It seems you are over-qualified for the position. Why are you interested in this particular role?”

“Tell me a time when you were confident in a decision/ or accomplishment that you made?”

“Tell me a time when you had to make a decision for your job/company using outside (not you or your co-workers) influences?”

“What was something critical that happened in the past that demanded immediate attention, and how did you handle it?”

“I can't think of one. I was told in the interview that the job would be very flexible re: hours. This was DEFINIFTELY not true. I was also told I would go from contractor to employee in 3 months…”

“- What is your biggest accomplishment?
- Which one is your favorite computer program?
- What are your strongest skills - What are you good at?
- What have you liked least about your past position…”

“None, it was a strong interview, and obvious it would be a very good fit for everyone involved. The questions and answer process was smart as opposed to intimidating.”

“It was clear that the five individuals had not met before the interview because the individual interests and ideas were competing with the others. When there were too many uncomfortable silences, I…”

“Nothing unexpected.”

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