Senior Finance Analyst Interview Questions

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“If it is 3:15. how many degrees are between the little and big hand?”

“How many angels fit on the head of a pin”

“Why do you want to work at Capital Group?”

“Why do you want to work at Whirlpool?”

“Nothing difficult or unexpected, I just did not have answers to all of their "tell me a time when" questions, because in some instances there was no "time when" I am a career financial analyst, I do...”

“On a buy vs. make question, we delved into the specifics of depreciation expense, and whether or not that would impact the investment decision.”

“Please answer the q on board: How can we know if a customer openes a new account even though they churned out with a remaining balance due? (remember we dont use ss# since no credit check).”

“Case questions - know the industry and the challenges it faces?”

“What is your salary expectation?”

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