Senior Finance Manager Interview Questions

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“Our operations kick off significant cash. How would you go about funding store expansion in countries in which Wal-Mart has a small foot print? Specifically, would you make a USD denominated loan to…”

“Are you going to be able to push back at the commercial side and stop activities when needed?”

“How much does a 747 weigh?”

“tell me about a time when.....”

“The case question. Given an hour to evaluate whether to continue with a next generation of a vehicle product line. Set in room with a total of twenty people all working on laptops to complete the…”

“what is your required salary”

“how does your spouse view your job search”

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“What you want to do with your life?”

“Why I wanted to work at Unilever”

“Tell me all the cogs used for an Xbox live video purchase.”

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