Senior Linux Systems Administrator Interview Questions

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“what is a typical day like at your current job?”

“Being that I've not been a heavy *nix user or system administrator in a long time, some common commands were to be explained, two of which I was not familiar with. My test involved script writing...”

“How do you react to discovering a major security or production flaw in a system that just went "live" in production?”

“Given a particular technology issue, what steps would I take to troubleshoot this issue?”

“There really were no difficult or unexpected questions during the interview. The senior manager did seem interested in why I was considering making a change and why I left my previous position.”

“How do you learn about something you've never heard of before?”

“What has been your experience working with teams? Do you prefer teamwork or to work alone?”

“The unexpected part was that there weren't any hard questions asked”

“If you are told a service is unresponsive, how do you react?”

“There were none really, only the unexpected absence of certain questions such as "why are you looking for a new position".”

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