Senior Manager Marketing Interview Questions

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“Suppose that you are working in a very political environment, where people keep hidden agendas, they have no formal reasons to help you and your project depend on them. What do you do to move forward...”

“Give me a time when you disagreed with a colleague, what was the situation and how did you deal with it.”

“One of the interviewers had extensive product knowlege and definitely wanted to test mine.”

“Why haven't been working in last 18 months.”

“Describe your greatest failure.”

“What you know about the company? (followed by) What else? (this was done repeatedly until I ran out of things to share)”

“If you had a magic wand to change the main page of Yahoo! what would you change?”

“How do you work in a matrix organization?”

“If you were to start tomorrow, what would you do to make an immediate impact?”

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“Can you work for a demanding boss that expects you to be on 24/7 when you are at the end stages of planning an event?”

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