Senior Member of Technical Staff Interview Questions

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“How do you reverse print a string. After answering the same by providing an out of the box API, the next unexpected question was "What if it does NOT exist". While and 2nd alternative was provided…”

“Given 99 unique numbers between 1..100 how do you find the missing number.”

“Why do you want to leave your current position as a contract employee?”

“An unexpected question was: "You and I are playing russian roulette and I load two bullets into a 6 chambered revolver in adjacent chambers. I go first, and nothing happens. Now you can either pull…”

“As a former employee of the company, I had a lot of 'why do you want to come back to Altera?' and 'do you plan to leave again?',”

“Threads and example of creating a semaphore / distributed semaphore.”

“Clone a linked list with following scenario:
1) The data of every node in the link could be a pointer to another node in the link.
2) The clone should create the exact structure/graph as of…”

“Merge 2 sorted single-linked lists into the brand new list (no pointer copy allowed). The resulting list should have the data from both lists all correctly sorted.”

“Implement strstr() in C.”

“Leadership questions.”

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