Senior Member of Technical Staff Interview Questions

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“Nothing was unexpected. Typical tree algorithms with focus on multithreading.”

“A lot of questions about data structures (including both balanced and unbalanced trees) and algorithms.”

“How do you work with difficult people? People who you have personality conflicts with? How do you know when to ask for help?”

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“You're on vacation and you need to provide your boss with input for a presentation to the CEO. What do you do?”

“a 2 hours programming exercise with a simple file system command simulator”

“Understanding of lower level TCP/IP protocols”

“Was given detailed requirements to write 4 java programs on InterviewZen. An additional assignment was given to be finished offline and sent back within 48 hours.”

“Having to make a 1 hour presentation was a surprise but I had about a weeks notice to put something together.”

“How to efficiently merge two sorted binary trees?”

“How would you resolve a dispute between yourself and another member of your team.”

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