Senior Member of Technical Staff Interview Questions

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“How to efficiently merge two sorted binary trees?”

“The programming exam was fairly large and had many ways of doing it. I chose to spend time on the design and proper Object Oriented design of my code and never actually got an executable going…”

“What area did I think the laboratory did not perform well in or an area where the laboratory could improve. This is difficult because of the obvious problem of being too critical. My experience here…”

“I wasn't asked anything that I considered difficult. One thing all the interviewers asked was: "Do you have any questions about VMware?" They really want you to be curious about the company and to…”

“Was asked to write a script to parse a tcpdump trace to detect packet loss.”

“A question on convergence theory.
A question regarding root-finding algorithm (secant method etc).”

“There was not a lot of unexpected questions - algorithmic, coding, understanding of architecting principles, etc.”

“No questions appeared too difficult for me because I was prepared. I would advise to interview at other companies before VMware just to gain experience. VMware doesn't ask you puzzles or give you…”

“I can't say anything because I signed the NDA and I am going to start soon.”

“There were some very personal questions that I didn't expect. Technically the interview process was quite benign.”

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