Senior Mortgage Banker Interview Questions

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“Why are you a good fit for LoanDepot? Why should LoanDepot hire you and not one of the 300 other applicants we have?”

“What could you do to add value to loanDepot?”

“Why I was unhappy where I currently was at?”

“Sales manager did most of the talking .”

“Can't really think of one, but be prepared to share your rankings etc. from current or previous employers.”

“Explain currently strategies I was doing to get my business.”

“The Direct Tv sales call. Make sure you ask the lady multiple times to purchase the product and then set firm follow up.”

“If you do want his job, the most difficult thing will be trying to talk over the person next to you.”

“"how would you pitch a loan to someone who had no idea how mortgages work".”

“loanDepot is looking for dedicated employees. It's like a family. They may ask you what personal goals you'd like to reach by working here.”

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