Senior Net Developer Interview Questions

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“How would you consume from a WCF web service running on IIS?”

“Syntax for SQL group by”

“Can an abstract class implement an interface?”

“What are the four phases in the Agile model?”

“The questionnaire asked for code that I found to be particularly satisfying or interesting. No company that I have worked for would ever release their proprietary work-for-hire code to another...”

“Questions are fairly easy, if you really know things, here are completed set of all questions I get: 1) Create a program to display numbers between 1-100, but if the number is divisible by 3, print...”

“I was asked how I would to solve a rendering problem on a page with a graphical UI that included an interactive JavaScript Bar chart that wasn't behaving correctly.”

“Write some code”

“Having to recite some silly technical reference that I never use to build web applications in .NET. Some of the participants usually from India will just grab a question from a text book.That would...”

“What's the difference between an event and a multicast delegate?”

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