Senior Officer Interview Questions

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“How would you increase the interest on economical reforms in the Government of (I do not remember the name of the country, but it was one from Africa)?”

“If your monthly loan closing goal was 20 loans here, how many loans would you close a month?”

“buisness concept model to make Loan officers close 10 plus deals a month.”

“What do you think you would like to do for the next 2 to 20 years?”

“They were concerned that I had never been in a conflict zone. Most of their senior people have worked extensively in post-conflict socieities, helping reconstruct judiciaries, police forces...”

“What do you like about Compliance?”

“Can you handle the financial hardship involved with building your pipeline?”

“What was the most difficult experience you had to overcome?”

“If you prepare for the interview this should not be a problem. Nothing was out of the ordinary or difficult to answer.”

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