Senior Operations Analyst Interview Questions

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“CASE: Cross-selling Credit Insurance to Cardholders direct mail: .50, 1% response rate, avg balance $1000, 5% claim insurance, etc. Profitable? How make more profitable? What if response rate...”

“CASE: Recovering Written-off Past Due Balances 6 months past due, avg $2000 balance, 15% pay in full, profitable? If introduce settlement option for 60% of balance, 10% pay settlement but 5% of them...”

“What is Layer 8 of the OSI model”

“Describe how you would measure customer service.”

“What is most important while comparing charts in the reports. (Unexpected) what is IRR, R square, joins, v lookup.”

“Behavioral (3 q's per 45 minute interview): A time you called on an "expert" to complete a task or problem. A time you faced an obstacle to a project being on-time. A time you needed to learn...”

“Tell me 5 things you are. Tell me 5 things you are not.”

“Why are you looking for work here?”

“Tell me about a time you had to accomplish something and were limited by technology?”

“Case based on Credit Cards. Mostly driven by probabilities and expected value.”

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