Senior PHP Developer Interview Questions

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“How much did you make at each of your previous roles?”

“The common "why do you want to work for our company?". There were very few technical questions. The one that resonated was "what is an inner join in SQL?". Other questions included whether I knew...”

“The most difficult question, only because I couldn't answer the question due to my failure to review this topic, was, "List and describe three object oriented design patterns."”

“I ended up asking several questions on two different job positions - only to find out that I was being considered for a non web development position.”

“How do you think Engrade (Or online edu system) can help E-leanring industry?”

“The project you are most proud of.”

“Some of the questioned asked by me were like; Types of errors in PHP, Type juggle in php?, Describe functions STRSTR() and STRISTR. Difference between developing website on Java and PHP? etc.”

“How many 1 foot by 1 foot boxes could you fit in a Boeing 747.”

“Not really a question, but it would be the programming assignment they had me code up. Difficult because it took eight hours of time to research and then code up.”

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