Senior Product Engineer Interview Questions

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“How does the Latch-up test work?”

“How does the ESD (CDM & HBM) test process work?”

“Is it important that your co-workers like you?”

“How does your experience fit in this role?”

“Are you willing to put the company first?”

“None of the questions were very difficult, pretty general about my past experiences and capabilities.”

“Was asked very pointed questions by one of the directors, questions like "what does everyone else do better than you". And then "give me a specific example of when you failed". There were about…”

“Describe an experience where you had to deal with an unpleasant person/situation. How did you handle it?”

“I dont remember any difficult ones. But for the sake of answering this question, here it is,
What would you do in your first month at Dell?”

“Detailed analyzing of certain processing steps and the motivation behind it.”

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