Senior Product Manager Interview Questions

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“If you were going to plan two new distribution center locations for Amazon where would you locate them and why.
How would you decide what product to put in each DC”

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“Describe what do you write in a functional specification?”

“If Amazon were to do [A PRODUCT IDEA], how would you measure the market and what's the process you go through to start building the product?”

“How do you measure success of the [Cloud Drive] product of Amazon?”

“He asked me what I used for a particular statistical analysis on a project about 8 years prior.”

“"So you've been at your present position for nine years, and..."”

“Every interviewer asked, "How do you deal with strong personalities?"”

“How familiar are you with Kelley Blue Book's syndicated products?”

“Tell me about a time a project went wrong and what you could have done in hindsight to fix it.”

“Describe the full DNS flow for an http request.”

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