Senior Product Manager Interview Questions

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“Describe a scenario where your personal ethics had to be compromised to meet a company objective.”

“Mostly behavioral questions that were less about specific impacts and more personality.”

“How would you deal with the scenario where the potential customer request a buy-sell arrangement where both parties are expected to actively particiapate but you can not.”

“Would you be willing to travel?”

“I received a call from a recruiter which loved me and my backgroud. I was told my information would be sent to the hiring manager I spoke with the hiring manager for less then 15 minutes and was…”

“"There are 8 balls, one of which is slightly lighter than the others. You have a balance, how do you find the lighter ball?"”

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“A financial math type question...”

“Most of the questions were experienced based (tell me about a time when .....) or behavioral based (what would you do if...) Toughest question was when one of the interviewers started out the…”

“What do you want to know about juniper”

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