Senior Product Marketing Manager Interview Questions

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“I really don't remember it being all that difficult.”

“Why do you want to come back to Microsoft?”

“Q: Why LinkedIn? Q: How would you validate a hypothesis for a new product? Some questions are behavioral, but I think most are mini-case oriented so that you have to problem solve through various...”

“Asked about work style, attitudes about deadlines, etc.”

“How would you describe your skills and ability to develop and execute a Marketing Plan for new products considering that the development process has already began? How would you evangelize the...”

“Asked to size the market for a new product, identify product segments, identify key competitors (at least by type), identify roadblocks, develop hi-level marketing plan, and describe one specific...”

“Asked to describe my previous projects/products”

“On a scale of 10-1, what would your manager say are your strengths and how would they rate you?”

“Have you downloaded our free trial?”

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