Senior Product Marketing Manager Interview Questions

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“They valued my experience which was outside their domain. There were no hard questions.”

“What is your knowledge of Hadoop? How does is to compare with SQL? When to use SQL vs Non-SQL?”

“Asked about a Go-To-Market scenario in which you had two unpalatable options. sort of a lose-lose situation. Wanted to know how you'd go about analyzing which bad option you;d take.”

“How would you grow the market share of a new product?”

“1.) Diagram the consumerization of IT in the cloud, and what can we do to protect information in the cloud.

2.) Diagram a solution for pulling information back from email or information sent…”

“Introduce yourself. Past experiences.”

“I was asked to analyze a specific potential customer, and explain in detail why the customer would be interested in Dolby technology. Essentially this was my assessment of the customer's status in a…”

“Questions were around my experience and hence were manageable.”

“I don't remember the specific question anymore, but it was a very technical question for a marketing role.”

“Honestly, I can't think of one because it was more like a series of conversations rather than an interview.”

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