Senior Programmer Interview Questions

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“How do you feel about the University of Alabama? Not sure how it relates to anything but very important within the department. Trick question.”

“very few technical questions. As an example: when would you use a GROUP BY expressions”

“Asked me about fixing a problem specific to their business.”

“Why did you leave your last employer”

“How to select all records from one tables that don't exist in another?”

“For me, the hardest interview questions to answer are those about what my "negative" attributes are. Of course that was one of the questions they asked!”

“What is the most used Java class?”

“What do you put infront of BIF?”

“The technical questions were expected and not difficult”

“How much experience do you have programming in RPGLE, RPG FREE and XML. How much experience do you have using CL, data transfer methods such as FTP,etc.”

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