Senior QA Automation Interview Questions

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“Was interested if I had any black-box experience and how confortable I was performing manual testing.”

“What to know about my QA background and experience.”

“What is Cucumber, Capybara and Rspec? Explain each of them.”

“They didn't have QA, basically it's mostly I described the QA system I envisioned, and how I would do for the test automation. They asked me whether I know Python, Selenium and Behave. There's coding...”

“Grilling on SQL when it was not demanded for this role.”

“How to handle dynamic object recognition issue with QTP tool. Tool was not recognizing the application objects during second execution of VBScript. Asked to examine the issue first hand to...”

“Tell me why I shouldn't hire you?”

“How would you test a product of this sort which has thousands of possible configurations”

“All Automation Related question's”

“Tell me about yourselves? Past experiences Real scenarios”

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