Senior Research Analyst Interview Questions

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“I was asked about my current projects and modeling techniques ysed.”

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“Explain the differences between qualitative and quantitative market research”

“How can you help fix the challenges we face... I was not aware of the specific challenges since they were not able to share.”

“They asked about my thought process during an extracurricular policy project over two years ago (to be fair, it was right there on my resume)”

“Looking for adaptability to their trading style. Long/Short, Market Neutral, higher volume trading style.”

“Tell me about an interesting idea or concept ?”

“How can you relate your analysis skills to this job”

“Describe the work you've done? .... Give examples of work. ... Describe experience working with and managing teams. ... Overview of Nielsen and the hiring process... next steps.”

“Pretty straightforward questions.”

“1. Tell me about your writing style and process. 2. Tell me about your research experience and any methodology you used”

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