Senior Research Scientist Interview Questions

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“Why didn't you go into more detail on the methods in your talk. Thats what we care about, not your obscure academic project.”

“How I have handled conflicts in my work atmosphere?”

“Given the molar mass of NaCl, how would you make a 50mM NaCl solution?”

“Why did you decide to apply to this position?”

“Several interviewers on the onsite visit asked technical questions based on their own research, essentially probing basic knowledge and problem-predicting ability.”

“Do you think your SVM is overfitting on the data and that is why you get good training results but bad results on actual data?”

“How have you grown business in the past?”

“How do you see yourself growning business in the future?”

“Given a set of strings, find the equivalence classes of permuted strings. This threw me for a loop because it's been a while since I have done string manipulations.”

“Had I ever found myself dealing with a subordinate who was unable to perform their work satisfactorily and how did I handle that. Also, what did I learn from that?”

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