Senior Sales Analyst Interview Questions

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“There really were no difficult questions asked.”

“There really were no difficult questions asked.”

“If you saw data in Excel that was in the form of "FirstName LastName (Description)", how would you break that so that "FirstName LastName" was in one cell and "(Description)" was in another.”

“The most difficult part of the interview process was attempting to convince them that I found the work that they were doing interesting since my background is not in business.”

“There wasn't anything out of the ordinary.”

“Non were too difficult as I prepped for 1 full week before this interview.”

“Name exact times you used Access/Excel/SQL etc. to make a project/system.”

“While it was told ahead of time that it would be a potentially full day interview, I wasnt prepared for a full 9-6 day my first day of interveiwing. I was glad for it, but at the same time it was a…”

“What are some difficulties do you expect to have in this position”

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