Senior Sales Interview Questions

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“What salary range are you looking for, both base and commision?”

“Are you comfortable with travel 20% of the time, sometimes overseas?”

“I'm a customer. Choose a brand or product and sell it to me.”

“Can you handle the rejection that will come from business owners who are tired of other sales people trying to sell them the same thing, and be able to respond with enthusiasm.”

“what do you consider as proper work life balance and how do you achieve it?”

“give me an example of a time where you were challenged by a co-worker and how was it resolved”

“Why were you laid off?”

“What I wanted from working with the company”

“How would you respond to an RFP?”

“If you saw data in Excel that was in the form of "FirstName LastName (Description)", how would you break that so that "FirstName LastName" was in one cell and "(Description)" was in another.”

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