Senior Software Design Engineer Interview Questions

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“Reverse a sentence but keep the individual words in the same order”

“Given a base 2 integer, give me an algorithm for detecting if it is a palindrome. What is the run time performance of this?”

“There was not much the usual technical grill but just checking technical background and projects. Very amicable conversation in checking out both sides. Due to the nature of their business, deep…”

“How do you find the least common ancestor of two nodes in a binary search tree? What is the runtime performance of this?”

“Design a file system (Object Model question)”

“All pretty standard interview questions (basic data structure and constructs)”

“Given a text log of HTTP requests on a particular server, each line has a username and the name of the page the user visited. The pages requests aren't in order and multiple requests from different…”

“C++ has the concept of multiple inheritance. Java does not have this concept, how can multiple inheritance be implemented in java?”

“"How can you improve the efficiency of this approach?"”

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