Senior Software Development Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given a trie and a prefix, find the word (in the trie) that starts with some subsequence of the prefix and also has the longest such subsequence.”

“How will you implement word ladder puzzle”

“finad all plaindromes ina string.”

“Display all values of a BST from low to high order”

“Binary Search Tree insert and given n find different structural possibilities of a normal binary tree. The PhD guy asked a queue question and only he and God knows what he was expecting for a…”

“To me, the most difficult question was an analytical and coding question involving graph algorithm.”

“Shortest path graph question you should probably be up on if you just graduated, if not review Skienna or one of those texts.”

“Flip the order of a Single linked list”

“Can you have more than one instance of a singleton class within a JVM?”

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