Senior Software Development Engineer Interview Questions

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“A lot of behavioral questions. Technical and coding questions are focused on CS fundamentals.”

“Write an iterative method (on the whiteboard) to provide an in-oder traversal of a binary search tree.”

“How would you design the Matchmaking service used by Xbox Live ?”

“There was a detailed technical question about a test strategy for a complex system built with a domain-specific language. When I answered in general terms, the interviewer kept pressing for more…”

“What's the test process that ensures that your code is good to go?”

“Tell me about a time when a decision you made directly impacted the customer.”

“Given a string with multiple lines, find and print the most frequent character for each line. If there is a tie in a given line, i.e, if 2 characters occur the most in that line, then print the one…”

“The questions are meant to be confidential for obvious reasons. In general, they covered topics like BSTs, Graphs, String manipulation, multi-threading synchronization & collections.”

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