Senior Software Development Engineer Interview Questions

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“The questions are meant to be confidential for obvious reasons. In general, they covered topics like BSTs, Graphs, String manipulation, multi-threading synchronization & collections.”

“Have you ever had to deliver bad news?”

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“Given a set of rectangles of fixed heights and widths, write an application that will fit as many of them as possible into a squire of the specified size.”

“Given a binary tree of nodes, design naming conventions for each node so if a message comes to the root node, it will get routed to the desired node. Implement routing logic for each node.”

“Write a program to generate a "Unique Ticket" for each request. The number of requests could be quite large - up to a million per second.”

“One of the interviewers asked me a design question that was very far afield of my expertise, and I winged it as best I could -- after doing my best with that question, I bowed out of further…”

“Find the most amount of palindromes in a given string.”

“I can not disclose interview questions. But here is my experience and tips …
1) During interview every interviewer was taking notes … they write down what you say.
2) The questions are not very…”

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