Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions

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“"Given a log file spanning multiple days, and given a page transition A -> B -> C, find all the unique users who made this page transition in the logs"”

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“given a large array of int return the length of the longest increasing(non-necessarily-adjacent) sub-sequence”

“find a loop in a list”

“Hardest things to unit test”

“One bridge, 4 people. A, B, C, D. A takes 2 mins to cross the bridge, B 4 mins, C 8 mins, D 16mins. It is dark and 1 torch. So, 2 people need to cross the bridge at the same time, so that one...”

“Write a function that will reverse a string in the following fashion: Input: "My name is Amanda" Output: "Amanda is name My"”

“Tell me the difference between C# and C++”

“Define a macro for byte offset of a given field in a structure.”

“serialize binary tree”

“2 - in C#, can you tell whether whatever the user has input is a string or integer?”

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