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“The most difficult questions are about some particular algorithms or mathematical problems that interviewer is very familiar with but the candidate has never heard of. Not only it may create a...”

“I had not expected to be asked logic questions, which made me nervous. The first one was a weigh nine items on a balancing scale to find the odd one out in the fewest scale uses”

“"Given a log file spanning multiple days, and given a page transition A -> B -> C, find all the unique users who made this page transition in the logs"”

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“given a large array of int return the length of the longest increasing(non-necessarily-adjacent) sub-sequence”

“find a loop in a list”

“Hardest things to unit test”

“One bridge, 4 people. A, B, C, D. A takes 2 mins to cross the bridge, B 4 mins, C 8 mins, D 16mins. It is dark and 1 torch. So, 2 people need to cross the bridge at the same time, so that one...”

“Write a function that will reverse a string in the following fashion: Input: "My name is Amanda" Output: "Amanda is name My"”

“Tell me the difference between C# and C++”

“Define a macro for byte offset of a given field in a structure.”

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