Senior Software Quality Engineer Interview Questions

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“What is a good automation framework?”

“He asked me to test a code which was supposed to throw an exception in one scenario. Test method should be expecting exception as the output from the method.”

“What was my view of what's most important regarding employee commitment to the position, Vs work - home life balance?”

“While waiting for my telephone interview and sitting here for 23 minutes, I went on and researched the company. It turns out the company is notorious for being late on telephone…”

“Given an array of size 100 with sequential numbers, there is only one number is duplicate. Find that number.
Return the 2nd highest salary from salary table”

“On site:Given an array of numbers, find the pair of two numbers whose sum is less than six. Design a RDBMS for a stock market. 5.”

“On Site: Given a huge file, find duplicate strings and return how many times it appeared. Given a table of employee and salary, find the highest salary in each department.”

“What do you know about data de-duplication for backups, how does it work?”

“Improve performance of a multi threaded application, prevent the deadlock and use synclocks”

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