Senior Solution Architect Interview Questions

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“Why do you want to leave your previous job?”

“do you know how to do ____________________ (mongo DB, bootstrap.js, css, UI dev, cloud foundry, vb script, you name it, can you learn a new app every week, do you GiT, etc.)”

“What is THE objection creation pattern? (As if there's only one)”

“How will you explain to someone who is not tech savvy, what Akamai does?”

“Technical questions were very particular and specific. I was a little intimidated.”

“I was not asked any exceptional or difficult questions.”

“What would you do if the team lead asked you to ship the software with known deficiencies ?”

“There weren't any actual questions during my interview.”

“Some q's on fundamentals since it was a long time since i touched them - SSL/Certificate authentication call flow”

“Talented team, was nice to be challenged on my skills”

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