Senior Solution Manager Interview Questions

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“What was your biggest failure?”

“Was interviewed on site by a contract consultant, and he asked about gaps in my resume as a consultant.”

“What project did you manage that has the biggest impact to the organization? Explain what and how did you do and what was the impact.”

“Tell me about a time in which you were responsible for resolving conflicts with multiple stakeholders.”

“Questions were all very basic, looking for pointed examples of marketing campaigns, sales support, etc.”

“What do you do when a customer insists on a solutions but the the technical team doesn't want to use that solution?”

“Not many questions. We discussed the position and challenges.”

“What kind of people annoy you?”

“You have been with XYZ Corporation for quite a few years. Why are you looking now? (this question was asked by virtually every person)”

“This position requires an ability to handle situations that are often "in the gray" - neither black nor white. Tell us how you approach such situations and give some examples.”

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