Senior Specialist Interview Questions

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“Applying & interpenetrating so many rules for some many violations in so little time with malfunctioning equipment.”

“Why are you no longer employed with....?”

“If you had 3 people who needed attention, a VIP with a possible malware infection, a customer with a technical problem, and an onsite visit for another customer, how would you handle addressing all…”

“The hiring manager asked for step by step description of a process and expected an answer that aligned with how they complete that process.”

“What type of transfer pricing methodoligies have you used in preparing transfer pricing reports.”

“Mostly technical. They did not try to trip me up. They genuinely wanted to assess my skills and find a good candidate.”

“Do you have any experience with medical records?”

“It was a "rapid fire" list of questions that were designed to rule me out rather than to explore my experience and how I could be a value to the company/unit. After it was over I felt like he was…”

“How would you handle a situation where a rehab facility calls and says they are not seeing any of the patient's records from the hospital on their dashboard?”

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“why would a company NOT use”

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