Senior Staff Accountant Interview Questions

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“I was asked about my experience using Oracle and Blackline software as they were soon going to be migrating to these platforms. I was also asked about my previous history analyzing manufacturing…”

“There were no specific questions asked. I felt the interview lacked structure & focus.”

“They asked how quickly could I start!”

“Lack of communication.”

“I was really surprised at how easy the interview was there were not any hard or unexpected questions that I had to answer.”

“Didn't really ask any difficult questions. The majority were about my experience and what I had on my resume.”

“Most of the questions were situational (how do you handle stress, what do you do when a client is being difficult, etc.)”

“What was the most important achievement during your career?
Why do you think you experience matches our job description?
Went over background.”

“"Can you tell us about your resume"-- This is difficult because it is hard to spit out the same thing over and over and over again, especially when I'm saying nothing much different than what is…”

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