Senior Staff Engineer Interview Questions

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“List our company benefits provided on our website?”

“Explain what will you do if there is a bug in silicon. What are the things you will check first”

“List our company goals provided on our website?”

“write an algorithm to do binary search”

“write code to count the number of bits in a byte”

“None of the questions were difficult. Just questions about my work history and my experience with certain presented technologies.”

“Not so difficult question that I remember.
There were many technical question regarding static timing analysis - setup and hold, power planning, place and route issues for different tools and…”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years.”

“Questions on how I would approach a problem that they have already solved in the past.”

“No difficult technical questions for you if you are in the "circle" of magnetic recording. People have to show team spirit, tolerance of the possible extra working hours and motivation for this job.”

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