Senior Strategy Manager Interview Questions

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“Nothing out of the ordinary. Very focused on team & approach to problems.”

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“How would you think about opening small Target stores in an airport?”

“What do your peers say is your greatest weakness? How do you handle stress? Give me a time when...?”

“The most difficult questions in general are about culture and fit. They are not difficult because of the actual question, it's just that the Sapient is looking for a very specific type of individual…”

“Tell me your strengths and weaknesses?”

“[I do not recall what questions were answered. I did not have the experience that any of the questions were difficult.]”

“Describe ways that you've executed sound process improvement principals in your previous employment...”

“What are your three favorite websites and why?”

“Unexpected question from HR recruiter: What's your current total compensation and base? Be prepared to give ranges for the job you are interested in. A bit surprised being asked about this topic, so…”

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