Senior Support Engineer Interview Questions

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“What 3 mistakes of your career have you learned from, and how would you avoid committing them again?”

“How did you handle an unexpected unpleasant incident in the past.”

“What Version of Lawson Inplementation - you worked on earlier? Let us know Pros and cons of Upgrade of various Lawson versions”

“How do you respond to an angry customer?”

“Describe the data in detail.”

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“What was your most difficult customer situation?”

“installing and utilizing their vault, which is usually the bulk of the interview assessment explained in (2)”

“There were no unexpected questions during my interview, but I expect that is more because of my tenure with the company. Also I had worked extensively with people in that organization and the hiring…”

“Very detailed, low-level networking questions about OSI layer 2 and 3 protocols. I was stumped and had trouble understanding how a support role would need to know that instead of a network admin.”

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