Senior Test Engineer Interview Questions

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“General resume related questions. Automation framework questions. Very simple and straight forward questions.”

“Search a sorted array for the first element larger than k”

“same as posted before: with functions up, down, left, right, enter, create your own to write words on screen keyboard.”

“Questions were mostly pertained to job responsibilities. Some repeated questions from interviewers.”

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“Implement a counting semaphore using only binary mutexes”

“Given a string reverse the words within that string. Some other string manipulation problems as well.”

“Towers of Hanoi. This wasn't hard but it wasn't real world either. I'd expected an actual business domain relevant problem for a senior level position.”

“- There were not too many difficultly questions, however most of the questions are situation-based and they all are tied to the 14 Amazon Leadership Principles.”

“Given the functions Up(), Down(), Left(), Right(), Enter() write the function that would take Str (like Hobbit:_Unexpected_Journey) and type it using keypad (the kind you have on Smart TVs, etc.)”

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